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Linqing Zhuo Chi bearing plant is an enterprise ,which engaged in production ,processing and exporting .It is an integrated set of industry and trade company.In 2009 ,the foreign trade limited company was established ,in order to supply a good servie for customers from domestic and overseas.Main products include bearing ,deep groove ball bearing ,taper roller bearing...

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Tell : 04133249813

Mobile : 09121088919

About Us

Taking into account the need for different types of bearings in the country's industries, especially in view of the high consumption and variety of bearings used in the automotive industry, there is a pressing need for increased production to prevent foreign currency outflows and imports of T hundreds of millions of bearings from abroad. Bearing with the efforts of internal engineers, design and construction of a modern and fully automatic factory for the production of various types of bearings respectively.
- Wheel bearings - Hub bearings
 - Small size ball bearings
- Medium size Ball Bearings
- Taper roller bearings (Small Size)

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